The Homeparty/ Partyplanning system for all branches

Ladies Night International B.V. is part of the Homeparty Company B.V., situated in the Netherlands.

We have 2 different companies in the party planning / homeparty business. Cabana in the non-erotic branch and Ladies Night in the erotic branch.

In 2004 we started building our brand, Ladies Night Parties, in Holland. The time just seemed right for homeparties with erotic products. Immediately we received a lot of attention from the major magazines and even from several national radio and TV-stations. Press articles about sex have always been an attraction for both press and consumers, so the attention we got was overwhelming.

What contributed to our success was the way we present our products. They are all female friendly, of high quality, with a great price / expectations balance and last but not least, almost every product is being distributed in our own, private label. Our service level is very high and has contributed to reaching over 300.000 clients with our products in Holland alone.

In 2011 we started our second label, Cabana, in the non-erotic branch and we are growing and building that business in Holland right now.

Writing this, in 2013, we have reached lots of our goals. Our brandname "Ladies Night" is well known in Holland, our business is bigger than ever, with several thousands of party's annually and over 150 Ladies Night agents momentarily in the Netherlands, some in Belgium and franchisees in Germany, the Czech Republic and Italy, whereas Hungary has already been reserved for a befriended company. For Cabana there are around 40 agents active at this moment and we have yet to develop Cabana for outside of Holland.

We have developed the ultimate homeparty it-system over the years, suitable for all versions of homeparty branches and have reached the point of perfecting it to such extend that we know that starting a major homeparty company with our system, know how and (in case you are in the erotic branch) our own, private label has become THE business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

We offer our exclusive cooperation to entrepreneurs that are looking for the opportunity to expand their businesses in the homeparty branch. For the erotic branch, companies in the countries above already have exclusive rights for their countries. For the non-erotic branch opportunities are open.